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With over fifteen years of research and experience behind her, Dr. Susan is a specialist in Preventive Care and multidisciplinary treatments. Her holistic approach to health is unique because it integrates nutrition physical activity counseling, and stress management, all together by using health education techniques and health assessments.

In Dr. Susan experience, the best way to work toward (or maintain) optimal health lies in the connection between the body and the mind. With this belief in hand Dr. Susan has had much success throughout her Public Health career guiding patients in the areas of physical, mental and emotional applications best suited to their needs. As a result, through her interdisciplinary regiments, Dr. Susan’s patients often see their health make rapid improvements or even complete turnarounds sometimes within a couple of sessions alone.

Dr. Susan holds a Doctorate in Public Health(DrPH) with emphasis in Preventive Care and Sub-specialty in Chronic Disease Management, a Masters of Public Health (MPH) in Health Services Research both from Loma Linda University. She is a Master Certified Health Educator Specialist (MCHES) and a member of the American College of Sport Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH).
Dr. Susan will teach you how to optimize how you feel and move through a holistic approach, that integrates physical and mental support and health education in the following areas:


Tailored Specialties

  • Individualized Health Assessments
  • Food Allergies & Weight Management Counseling
  • Assessments of Medication, Foods, Vitamin, and Supplements Interactions
  • Action Plan for Physical and Mental Makeover
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) Understanding the Link Between Body, Mind, and Well being
  • Adapting to a Gluten-free lifestyle with ease



  • Why do I do what I do?
  • Where I was born
  • Why we moved to England
  • When I was diagnosed


After 3 years of multiple misdiagnoses in 3 different countries, I failed all tests and diagnosed with advanced Scleroderma.


What is Scleroderma and what does it affect?

Gut- Swallowing solid food was so hard that it forced me to vomit. I always had a fear of choking.

In Scleroderma, peristalsis in the esophagus goes out of sequence, causing food to get stuck. A patient can choke or aspirated while sleeping.

  • Missing important events because of hospitalization
  • Heart, lungs and kidneys
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Fingerprints


Growing up, medical practitioners and insurance companies would always tell me:

  1. “Honey, you can’t have children.”
  2. “Once you have GI issues, then it’s close to the end. Do you have GI problems?”
  3. “The insurance company cannot pay for the Echocardiogram for Scleroderma. Full payment is your responsibility.”
  4. “You are allergic to the ingredients in the medicine. Unfortunately, we cannot cover compounded medication because it is so expensive.”
  5. “You failed all the tests. Just spend your remaining days at home.”


Not until my dad suggested we switch to African food. It’s all natural and organic. We went back for some tests and saw improvements!


Points to ponder:

80% of chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis) are made worse by what we eat, the limitations we set on ourselves and the way we react on our condition. Psychoneuroimmunology is a discipline that’s now showing that what we think has a direct impact on the physical body and the immune system.


Always remember. It’s all about the diet!


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